Set Up & Take Down

We want you to have a stress-free wedding day.
From Simple and Elegant, to Creative and Intricate, we can make your vision come to life.
Our trained staff will handle all the set-up and take-down of décor for your event

Let us Set-Up your day for success!

Our expertise is to set-up and stage your decor in the fashion you have designed so you don’t have to be scrambling around the night before or day of your wedding. Our take-down services eliminate having to ask family and friends to “pitch-in” and “clean-up” after your wedding. We come in at the end of your ceremony and pull down your ceremony site decor and by the time your last dance is over, we are ready to move in and take down your reception decor. We assist in placing all of your items in boxes/containers and have them moved to pre-determined vehicles for easy drive away.

Wedding Set-up Service

  • Arrive at the venue ahead of the bride/groom.
  • Take all the decor and create the desired ambiance.
  • Add the details to the staging & decor.
  • Place favors, chargers, votives, candles, photos, gift sign-in, card box, seating assignments, dessert staging, etc.

Wedding Take-down Service

  • Oversee the removal of all decor.
  • Make sure your decor is boxed up.
  • Locate & secure your personal items.
  • Oversee loading in designated family vehicle.
  • Assure you are off property at your contracted time.

Services starting at $650 and up.

See our Event Planning page for other information beyond wedding setup and take-down.

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